“Umanpivo” – beer sponsor of the #DEC final party

The Umanpivo brewery is a regional manufacturer of beer, cider and soft drinks has promised to arrange a true beer festival during the final party of #DEC-2019. One of the oldest Ukrainian enterprises, founded in 1878, will serve participants with the most delicious beers and kvass!
It will be fun! Apply for participation on the DEC and join us!



Umanpivo is a Ukrainian manufacturer of beer, cider and soft drinks, which produces exclusively natural products according to the old German and Ukrainian recipes from the highest quality ecological barley grown in their own fields.


Official web-site: https://umanpivo.ua/


About DEC

Days of Electronic Communications is an international meeting of electronic communications

market players to discuss current trends, regulatory prospects, risks and opportunities for the

development of the Internet and television services. This is the first large-scale convergent industry

event for telecommunication operators, providers of audiovisual media services, electronic media,

cable television operators, manufacturers and distributors of equipment and technologies. The

organizers of the event are leading associations: Ukrainian Internet Association, Association of

Rightsholders and Content Providers and Latvian Association of Electronic Communications.

 Official web-site of DEC-2019: http://dek.org.ua/uk/