The main scientific and technical advisor to Ukrtelecom Victor Katok in his report on DEC will tell about the development of broadband in Europe and the standardization of telecommunications infrastructure.

The statistics and their detailed analysis on the broadband market from UN, the World Bank documents and a number of other sources will be also presented.

Concentrated information on advanced technologies, standardization and technical solutions for the physical infrastructure of telecommunications, new systems for building standards, etc. will help conference participants to understand the main trends and innovations that will soon come in Ukraine, as well as outline steps for the development of their companies in accordance with these trends.

Apply to DEC to hear this and other interesting reports from the best international and Ukrainian experts, ask them some questions and find answers.

About DEC

Days of Electronic Communications – is an international meeting of electronic communications market players to discuss current trends, regulatory prospects, risks and opportunities for the development of the Internet and television services. This is the first large-scale convergent industry event for telecommunication operators, providers of audiovisual media services, electronic media, cable television operators, manufacturers and distributors of equipment and technologies. The organizers of the event are leading associations: Ukrainian Internet Association, Association of Rightsholders and Content Providers and Latvian Association of Electronic Communications.

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