The satellite encoding status and the pay-TV market potential

Executive Director and Head of Pay TV 1+1 media Yaroslav Pakholchuk in his report on DEC will explain why the satellite signal coding is inevitable, for what purpose it will be implemented and how it will affect the players of the industry and the pay-TV market in general. Also, information on the actions of media groups in the framework of the preparation for coding and the timing for their implementation will be provided.


“Days of Electronic Communications” also invited representatives of other leading media groups to the discussion to hear clear and concrete answers regarding the near future and the prospects for the development of pay-TV market in Ukraine.


In order to be able to communicate personally with the main players of the Ukrainian media market, to hear relevant information regarding the terms of cooperation and other important aspects of cooperation with providers, apply for participation on DEC-2019 following link.


About DEC

Days of Electronic Communications – is an international meeting of electronic communications market players to discuss current trends, regulatory prospects, risks and opportunities for the development of the Internet and television services. This is the first large-scale convergent industry event for telecommunication operators, providers of audiovisual media services, electronic media, cable television operators, manufacturers and distributors of equipment and technologies.


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About 1+1 Меdіа

1+1 Media group is one of the largest media holdings in Ukraine, which creates high-quality up-to-date content to change people’s perception of the world and yourself. By actively supporting the freedom of speech, group provides consumers with access to up-to-date information and objective coverage of events through their own TV channels and TV channels that are part of its distribution portfolio.


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