IMC Telecommunication Group will be WiFi-partner of DEC

IMC company is a domestic telecommunications operator, which is a part of IMC Telecommunication Group and will provide Wi-Fi support on the territory of the building and the main locations of the “Days of Electronic Communications 2019”.

Reliable fast access to the Internet is a necessary component for the success of the event, as it will enable to significantly expand the audience. Participants will be able to share photos and videos of conference quickly in a social media with their friends and followers, as well as receive and respond to e-mails, use their corporate resources and do other business tasks in time.

Thanks to the cooperation with IMC, which has been supporting DEC for the second year as a WiFi partner, this task will be solved at the highest level.

 To apply for participation in the conference “Days of Electronic Communications-2019” follow the link:


About IMC Telecommunication Group

IMC Telecommunication Group is a Ukrainian telecommunication operator with 15 years of successful experience that provides a wide range of high-quality services for business:


  • high-speed communication channels using both wired and wireless technologies for data transmission and access to the Internet;
  • production of its own line of equipment for the TM RAPIRA for the organization of wireless communication channels;
  • consulting services of audit of telecommunication networks, measurement of parameters of telecommunication services quality in a certified laboratory;
  • training and skills development of personnel in the areas of telecommunications, computer network administration, software development, project management, etc.;
  • networks for the Internet of Things like LoRaWan

Official web-site of IMC Telecommunication Group

About DEC

Days of Electronic Communications – is an international meeting of electronic communications market players to discuss current trends, regulatory prospects, risks and opportunities for the development of the Internet and television services. This is the first large-scale convergent industry event for telecommunication operators, providers of audiovisual media services, electronic media, cable television operators, manufacturers and distributors of equipment and technologies.

Official web-site of DEC-2019: