May 31 – June 03, 2018

Dzhyntama-Bryz, village Hlibivka

Days of Electronic Communications 2018

DEK 2018

DEC 2018

Days of Electronic Communications (DEC) is an important International meeting of electronic communications market players for modern trends, regulatory prospects and practical cases discussing and electronic services development implementation in the field of telecom and media. This is the first large-scale convergent industry event for telecom operators, audiovisual media-services providers, electronic media, cable operators, equipment and technology manufacturers and distributors, leading market associations’ representatives, experts and regulatory bodies for telecom and media.

DEC 2018 is a platform for

  • digital electronic services market development according to European standards
  • freedom of expression and opposition to censorship ensuring
  • the latest trends and prospects of relations “State – Business” discussing
  • business development support by innovative ideas implementation and regulations liberalization contributing in the field of telecom and media
  • media literacy enhancing
  • experience and useful information exchange
  • investment attracting


The main organizers of DEC 2018 are leading independent non-profit industry associations: The Ukrainian Internet Association, Association of Rights Holders and Content Providers, Latvian Association of Electronic Communications.


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From May 31 to June 3, 2018, a conference on “Days of Electronic Communications of Ukraine” will be held in Ukraine

From May 31 to June 3, 2018, a conference on “Days of Electronic Communications of Ukraine” will be held in...


Ukrainian Internet Association Association Legal Owners and Suppliers of Content Latvian Association of Electronic Communication


National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council